How is the organic vs non-organic food war shaping up today?

Today we can choose between a lot of sorts of food what can be either organic or nonorganic. Those two industries after is proved benefits of organic food and side effects of nonorganic are constantly in the ‘war’. Because of bigger yields of non-organic food, this kind is higher widespread and available than organic. Organic food has a lot less resistance to weather conditions and other possible unsuitable conditions for breeding and that is why it gives fewer yields, and its price is higher. That is the only reason why non-organic food still stays high on markets, it is hard to produce enough organic food with competitive price to un-organic food.

Benefits of organic food

Benefits of organic food are high. It is much healthier and natural choice than another sort of food, and that is a better choice for our bodies. Without harmful additives, this food gives you best what nature can offer. It is also a lot richer with nutrients and vitamins than non-organic food. In nonorganic food, many nutrients and vitamins are destroyed with treating agents, so that kind of food has a really poor quality and a lot fewer benefits for human body. Even it is the truth that non-organic food actually look nicer, because of selective production, the real truth is that nicer, in this case, is not really healthy. Because of that look, many people were convinced before „Green Revolution” is start that nonorganic food is better. After World War 2 people become more aware of side effects of artificial fertilizers, and that is why it is discovered how much is bio-food better for us.

Organic farming is also a lot better for a ground because it is not toxic and it not destroying useful substances from the ground. There are no toxins in producing, so that is why the ground is not poisoned. From that type of ground grows much healthier products, even because production is not selective, those products don’t look so attractive.

Pros and cons of organic production:

Benefits of growing organic food in short lines are:

-Better product

-Better nutrition and vitamin value

-No toxins what can damage your health

-There is no damage to a ground

Cons of organic production are:

-Smaller cultivation

-Higher price of production

-Higher price of products

-Non-selective cultivation can’t guarantee more attractive look

Why non-organic production is worst choice for human health?

Nonorganic production is the result of higher needs for food in the world. That is why people needed to do anything to increase cultivation to get more products on smaller price. They accomplish that with selective cultivation and with adding many toxins and other chemicals what will guarantee them higher resistance. But this way of production, adding toxins and using fertilizers result with less nutrition and vitamin level in product and also its result with partially toxic food with many possible side effects for the human body.

Pros and cons of non-organic production:

Benefits of non-organic productions are:

-Higher cultivation

-Cheaper productions

-Lot more products on the same size places

-Cheaper products

-Selective cultivations guarantee a more attractive look of the product

Cons of non-organic production:

-Less nutritive and vitamin value of food

-Toxins in products

-Lot of possible side effects and allergies

-Soil pollution

-It is not healthy for body

Even people realized all benefits of organic food for a human body, the war between this two sides is not over, and probably it will not be for a long time. Main reasons for this are that organic production can’t produce enough products to satisfy the market needs, and it also can’t reach competitive price on the market, and a price is still really important for many people. That are main reasons why un-organic production still has better results on markets. Even people recognize the value of organic food, facts that is still much more expensive and that production can’t full fill needs of market making this battle of opponents with equal chance to win.