Is the iPhone X worth it?

The release of a new iPhone model is a much-awaited phenomenon for all Apple fans. iPhone X was not an exception. The $1000 technological brilliance is quite worth the price. Released in this September, iPhone X is the most expensive model of Apple iPhone so far. Let us unearth the top features of iPhone X so you can decide for yourself whether it is worth the price.

Super cool display

With corner to corner display, the elegant 5.8-inch screen employs super retina technology. The first of its kind OLED screen boasts of stunning colors and an excellent contrast ratio. By eliminating the home button and fingerprint scanner, the phone is almost entirely a screen. Barring a black notch on top that houses the front camera and sensors, the screen covers the whole front. Though the screen size is big, iPhone X is surprisingly smaller than the plus size phones.

Face ID

By the removal of a fingerprint scanner, Apple has introduced facial recognition for unlocking the iPhone X. Unlike its predecessors, face ID does not use simple image processing. It creates a 3-D map of your face. The state of the art technology boasts that its chances of being fooled are only 1 in a million. There is also a feature that hides your messages and notifications unless you look at it.

Top class camera

The iPhone X has a camera similar to that of iPhone 8. The dual camera system allows some DSLR like features like background blurring and better optical zoom. The front camera also comes with great features. A system known as True Depth is used which allows portrait mode when you take selfies. Google’s Pixel 2 and Samsung Note 8 are the only close competitors to iPhone X camera.

Elegant design
The edge to edge display gives an elegant and sleek appearance to the iPhone X. The glass bottom gives the phone a different look. It also comes with a stainless steel frame. As there is a great risk of dropping your phone, it is advised to use a case with it. The display is made of scratch-proof glass and is moderately tolerant to damages.

Going Wireless

With its earlier models, Apple has already removed the earphone jack. This was partly to promote Apple AirPods. With iPhone 8 as well as iPhone X, Apple has offered the provision for wireless charging. You can charge your phone using charging docks or charging mats. You can also perform a fast charging using the designated charging cables.
Smooth operation

The iOS 11 has several improved features as compared to its predecessors. The touchscreen responsiveness has almost doubled when compared to previous iPhone models. The animations and display are crisper and the overall performance of the handset is smooth. The A11 Bionic processor comes with 3GB of RAM. You won’t face any problems even while multitasking.

Brand and quality

The brand value of Apple has always been a compelling factor. Even with high prices, Apple is able to retain its customers due to the high quality it offers. It has maintained the same level of quality with iPhone X also. The display and casing is high quality. It is dust resistant and moderately water resistant (up to 1 meter and 30 minutes).

Keeping in mind all these features it is your call as to whether iPhone X is worth its price. For a tech geek like me, I would certainly say it is.