The 5 Coolest Apps I’ve ever used

There are very many phone applications that I cannot live without. These applications are vital since they make life easier with just the click of a button. This article is going to cover these applications that are very important in easing common day to day activities.


This is a weather app that is very easy to use due to the easy user interface that the application is designed with. This application is able to tell one the current weather and can also forecast for twelve weeks in prior. With this app, one can easily get fast notifications in cases of extreme weather changes such as blaring sun and storm breakouts well before it starts.

This application is really reliable as it helps one to prepare themselves well in advance for the weather ahead. The 1weather app comes in two versions; there is the free version and the purchased version worth $1.99. The free app has the same features as the purchased one save for the fact that it has advertisement pop ups which can be a little irritating at some time. The purchased app however does not have these advertisements at all.

The Uber App:

This is an application that has been in the market for a long period of time. It has been upgraded at least every other month in order for latest features to be included so as to keep up with the competition and to add on its efficiency too. This application enables one to get to select a cab. He or she is able to select the cab that is closest to their destination and is even able to get the name and number plate of the vehicle before it arrives.

The pricing is also calculated according to the distance and duration taken which means that one will never be exploited when using this uber cabs.

Google Drive:

This is a free app that when installed in an individual’s phone provides 15GB storage space where one can add music, videos, photographs and documents too. The instant that one logs in with their Gmail address into Google Drive, they are able to access their documents on whichever device that they have at that moment.

This is a very important app which in a way stores documents and one can retrieve if they happen to lose their phones or tablets. It acts as a safe cloud backup for data.

Google Maps:

This application is free from the play store and is very essential due to the fact that it is able to direct one to find their way around new areas. The Google map app is able to help one navigate easily whenever they activate their GPS location and data access too. One can simply find directions, either walking or driving, to whoever destination that they may be heading to.

Googleplay Music

This is a music app that allows one to play both local content that you have on your SD card and at the same time stream content online. The application allows one to upload a maximum of 50000 songs for streaming. The free version of this app has a lot of advertisements that keep popping up time and again while the purchased version costing $9.99 has no advertisement pop ups and at the same time allows over 35million songs and radio options too. This is the ultimate application for any music lover out there.