Useful Photography Tricks to Try with Your Mobile Phone or Apps

Anybody can pick up a mobile phone and take a photo. However, you need photography tips and tricks to capture great photos with your mobile phone. This article highlights useful photography tricks that will enable you to take great photos with your mobile phone.

Take extra seconds

Mobile phones provide a chance to take photos really fast. However, if you rush when taking photos with your mobile phone your pictures will be of low quality. Therefore, take extra seconds to ensure good composition of your photo. This includes improving the angle or lighting and figuring out where the viewer will be interested in. Taking an extra second to apply the basic principles of composition will improve the quality of your photos dramatically.

Wipe the lens

Mobile phones spend a lot of time in the bags, hands or pockets. This makes them really dirty due to grease, dust, dirt and fingerprints. If you don’t wipe the lens before you take a photo with your phone, this grease, dust, dirt and fingerprints will have a significant effect on its quality. Dirt blocks light from getting into the camera sensor. It also leaves dust spots, blurs or smudges on the photo. A clean lens enables you to take a clear, sharp image with your phone. Therefore, wipe the lens with a soft cloth before you take a picture with your mobile phone.

Adjust the camera settings

You need to know the settings of your mobile phone camera. Ideally, you should take control of exposure, focus, ISO and white balance when taking pictures with your mobile phone. It is important to note that some mobile phone cameras lock focus and exposure together. This means you can change photo lighting depending on your focus. In terms of white balance, you have four settings. Match them on the basis of your shooting environment to ensure better lighting for the photos.

Use Mobile Apps

There are many cool mobile apps today to edit your photos, add more, make then fun, and also to make your shots better for the type of shot you are looking to take. Kurtis Hon of Kande Photo Booths A Photo Booth Rental San Francisco company stated he loves some of the photo booth apps and it always gives him ideas to add more onto his own photo booth rental service.

Set a high resolution

Your mobile phone photos will be of a better quality when you set a high resolution. Instead of zooming, try to move closer to the subject. Basically, cropped photos have better resolution that zoomed in photos. Of course, high resolution requires large storage for mobile phone photos. That’s where cloud storage and photo sharing apps and services like Dropbox and Picasa come in. You can also get an SD card so that you can transfer photos through the internet with ease.

Keep the phone steady when taking photos

This is particularly important any time you take photos with your camera at night or in low light. In these conditions, the camera of your phone uses a slow shutter speed so that light can have time to hit the camera sensor. In that case, any camera movement results in blurred images. Therefore, place the phone on a solid surface, use a tripod or hold it with two hands to ensure that it remains steady.

Employ the rule of thirds

This entails dividing up the image mentally using two vertical lines and two horizon lines and positioning important scene elements along these lines or at their meeting points. The rule of thirds is based on the idea that an off-center composition creates a better shot.

Taking a quick snapshot using a mobile phone might be easy. However, following these tricks gives you full control of your mobile phone camera so that you can take a truly amazing photo.