Why Tokyo Is The Greatest Technological City In The World Today

As the world grows more modern, technology has continued to advanced. Now, many countries are in the technology race, trying to expand and bring prosperity to their country through the electronics that most of the world uses. A lot of countries have their reputations quickly prosper and be known to the world due to their wealth in technology such as Germany, India, and Finland… but perhaps one of the most highlighted country known to have be the most technologically advanced would be Japan. Its rapid advancement makes it a fearful country in terms of technology and everyday inventions, including the modernization of the abacus, the calculator. Casio, Japan’s very own calculator brand, is one of the most renowned brands nowadays. Along with other inventions, Japan has contributed many of its discoveries to the world today.

When a country is well known for its country, of course its main city is also to be looked at. As well as Japan, Tokyo itself is regarded as one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world. With its complex subway train system with the speed of light, there are plenty of reasons why Tokyo is regarded as the most technologically advanced cities in the world. Especially with the amount of people working in STEM departments in Japan, the country also is known for its tech savvy population. With most government system services being electronic, there’s already an electronic district in Tokyo known as Akihabara. Being the number one city with the most electrical use in all of Asia, Tokyo’s neon signs, advanced toiletry and even their variety of vending machines really pushes their electric and technological use to maximum effort.

Other than its small trinkets and its complex train system, Tokyo is also known for having Akihabara as their electronic district, where if you notice sells many electronic devices such as phones, consoles and television at a cheaper price compared to other countries. This is most likely because of Japan’s serious investment in its youth regarding the advancement of technology. On average, the Japanese government spends most of its investment geared towards technology. With the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Japan intends to make their event become one of the most technologically advanced sports event ever.

Tokyo has also been noted to have one of the fastest internet speed and bandwith – with its future plans in broadband plans for measuring up to 2 gbps downloads and 1gbps in uploads at most. Akihabara as Tokyo’s gadget town is well known for its variety of items it has to offer. From giant neon signs to the smallest LED switch, all at an insanely affordable price, it’s no wonder that’s it’s a highly regarded place for electronic users everywhere. Now it’s added a new demographic in its city along with electronic users, which are anime and manga fans.

Tokyo is still advancing with its new graphic quality, gaming systems which are currently in development and new technology everyday. With the upcoming Olympics, the country aims to rapidly boost the technological advancements even higher which might be the very reason why it still sits on top of the throne when it comes to technology.