8 Apps That Could Make You Smarter

Using mobile applications as a part of improving your brain power is the newest thing in the technology world. Everyone carries smartphones now, and they can be used as great tools in the working world. They can do just about anything with the variety of applications available for you. Outlined below are some of the available apps that can make you smarter by engaging your brain effectively.

Casual app

Casual enables you to handle undertakings and ventures in a modern way: the application is incredibly visual. You arrange your undertakings just by drawing them as a flowchart. It is a remarkable application that pictures conditions between errands. You don’t need to tap on tabs to get some answers concerning certain projects, for example, who is doing which errands. You can attempt this application for free to to experience it yourself.


Can any anyone explain why great nourishment looks so terrible and junk sustenance looks so great? With this free application, you can locate the great nourishment that tastes great, to ensure healthy eating. Scan for information about food nutrition, and discover which sustenances are the best for you, the best purchases, and obviously, the most pleasant.

Atlas by collins

This amazing app gives you a chance to travel all around the globe, with just a single click. And also seeing new places, you can likewise find extraordinary data about the world’s most essential spots and antiques. Find out about the world utilizing nine globes, an assortment of maps, and other fun apparatuses.

Circles Memory Game

Your memory influences your capacity to rapidly and effectively recover and apply stored data in circumstances when you have to tackle an issue – and your capacity to take care of issues is regularly characterized as knowledge. Consequently, memory and knowledge are practically similar to two sides of a similar coin. The circle memory game enables you to enhance your memory, as well as be supportive to Alzheimer’s research

Fit Brains Trainer

Fact reveals that web based training is a viable approach to build a psychological hold and increment brain execution. Fit Brains Trainer is free, and you can expand your fleeting memory by as much as 40% in under three weeks. Hold up… what were we simply discussing? Clearly, we require this app!

Brain Workshop

If you resemble a few of us who still don’t have cell phones, don’t give up. There are applications for us as well. Brain Workshop is a free desktop application that you can use to enhance your mental aptitude, and no phones are needed.For those with an Android phone, you can also access the app in google play.


Get turned into a brilliant high-roller: get the greater part of the product and web applications for your business and your life. This free application index permits you to get the best deals when it comes to the softwares and the application you may require. You will likewise discover the Cloudscore on On Cloudswave, a rating in light of painstakingly chosen Reviews processed to help you catch the essence of basic sentiment in a solitary number.


Reading is a method for speculation with someone else’s brain; it compels you to extend your own. However, you may think you don’t have room schedule-wise to read. Do you go to work by train? Do you have breaks? Thats enough time for you to read. There is no reason when you have the free iBooks application.