Should blue collar workers be concerned about the incoming wave

The impact of machines and technology on the workforce has always been a rallying cry of pessimist and alarmist but the numbers currently depict a more immediate threat. Estimates from Frey and Osborne suggest that 47% of the workers in the U.S. are at risk of being replaced with machines, 35% in the U.K. and as many as two-thirds of workers in developing countries by 2025. Forrester, a market research company stated that by 2021 6% of all jobs in the U.S. will be done by robots. There are currently around 1.7 million robots already in use in various industries today, granted most of these robots go to places humans can not.

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Humans

Advances made in Artificial Intelligence has made it possible to create versatile robots that will be able to take over numerous types of manual labor. Robots are now sets of AI-powered systems that can be used to read situations and make decisions, they are intelligent agents. Technologies in this field currently include Siri, Cortana, Google Now and Alexa. These modern AI are fed plethora of images and data in order to train them to recognize trends and patterns.

Spotting similar patterns, they then use this information to make decisions when faced with new data. Blue River manufactured a weeding machine that is able to pick its way through a field and avoid destroying the planted crops. In 2017 Amazon and Google bought two warehouse robotics companies and some robots are already in use at Amazon stacking shelves. Rethink Robotics has just completed a 25,000 dollar robot that is helping breakthrough computer vision. Baxter, the robots name, has been designed to move about and handle a number of tasks. This is a prelude to the threat faced by blue collar workers. Baxter works at loading trucks or hauling hefty packages in the warehouse. The technology race and investment by companies like Google could end the belief that low skilled manual work is too complicated for robots and impossible to automate.

Working Together

It is essential for today’s’ workers to learn how to work together with robots. Ideally, machines should allow humans to leave the tedious work and focus on the rewarding part of their work. The problem with this is the downsizing of the humans’ wages since the machines are accomplishing most of the hard work. The positives are that there is still a lot of work that can only be done by humans and not a machine. Humans can also be creative and this is where they gain the upper hand. A machine can perform the same task numerous times without deviating from the set standard but a human may find a more creative method. Ocado is working on a project that perfectly highlights how machines and robots can interact with the work environment. They created a robotic assistant called SecondHands that can lift items higher than a human can but it is a simple robot and is lead by a human technician who can use all the benefits of the arm.

As stated at the outset, the problem of technology competing with humans in the workforce is an old one but it is worth noting that everytime technology makes a certain type of work obsolete the workforce adapts. In 2016 a report by Deloitte showed that for over 140 years technology has created more jobs than it has destroyed. This suggests that the loss of jobs in the traditionally blue-collar jobs will probably be offset by job growth in the white collar areas. This is of little comfort to blue-collar workers with limited skills but it is the reality.

Is the iPhone X worth it?

The release of a new iPhone model is a much-awaited phenomenon for all Apple fans. iPhone X was not an exception. The $1000 technological brilliance is quite worth the price. Released in this September, iPhone X is the most expensive model of Apple iPhone so far. Let us unearth the top features of iPhone X so you can decide for yourself whether it is worth the price.

Super cool display

With corner to corner display, the elegant 5.8-inch screen employs super retina technology. The first of its kind OLED screen boasts of stunning colors and an excellent contrast ratio. By eliminating the home button and fingerprint scanner, the phone is almost entirely a screen. Barring a black notch on top that houses the front camera and sensors, the screen covers the whole front. Though the screen size is big, iPhone X is surprisingly smaller than the plus size phones.

Face ID

By the removal of a fingerprint scanner, Apple has introduced facial recognition for unlocking the iPhone X. Unlike its predecessors, face ID does not use simple image processing. It creates a 3-D map of your face. The state of the art technology boasts that its chances of being fooled are only 1 in a million. There is also a feature that hides your messages and notifications unless you look at it.

Top class camera

The iPhone X has a camera similar to that of iPhone 8. The dual camera system allows some DSLR like features like background blurring and better optical zoom. The front camera also comes with great features. A system known as True Depth is used which allows portrait mode when you take selfies. Google’s Pixel 2 and Samsung Note 8 are the only close competitors to iPhone X camera.

Elegant design
The edge to edge display gives an elegant and sleek appearance to the iPhone X. The glass bottom gives the phone a different look. It also comes with a stainless steel frame. As there is a great risk of dropping your phone, it is advised to use a case with it. The display is made of scratch-proof glass and is moderately tolerant to damages.

Going Wireless

With its earlier models, Apple has already removed the earphone jack. This was partly to promote Apple AirPods. With iPhone 8 as well as iPhone X, Apple has offered the provision for wireless charging. You can charge your phone using charging docks or charging mats. You can also perform a fast charging using the designated charging cables.
Smooth operation

The iOS 11 has several improved features as compared to its predecessors. The touchscreen responsiveness has almost doubled when compared to previous iPhone models. The animations and display are crisper and the overall performance of the handset is smooth. The A11 Bionic processor comes with 3GB of RAM. You won’t face any problems even while multitasking.

Brand and quality

The brand value of Apple has always been a compelling factor. Even with high prices, Apple is able to retain its customers due to the high quality it offers. It has maintained the same level of quality with iPhone X also. The display and casing is high quality. It is dust resistant and moderately water resistant (up to 1 meter and 30 minutes).

Keeping in mind all these features it is your call as to whether iPhone X is worth its price. For a tech geek like me, I would certainly say it is.

10 cool things about the internet millennial don’t know about

Today I am going to talk about the 10 cool things about the internet from the late 90’s early 2000’s millennial don’t know about.There are actually a lot of things about the internet that you may not even be heard of so if you wanna know about these things then read till the end.

1. Being excited about emails: At that time too, the inbox was completely filled with new messages and everybody was keen to know whether the emails they had received was for their profit or not.It may be their crush’s email too.

2. Keen to know about whether their friends were online or not: Have you heard of website that time, when it comes to chatting AOL instant messenger was popular instead of facebook.Instead of Facebook, all the crappy drama was done on this platform.So, people were very keen to know about their friends whether they were online or not because they usually share their full day story on these chats.

3. AOL Profile Customization: At that time, it was a very crucial task to choose characters wisely.The aim profile was a way to know about the personality and nature of a person.

4. Forums came into existence: People always do join forums related to their topics on which they were experimenting.It brings a new evolutionary experience in their life.

5. Who Used Internet All Of The Time: At that time, Asia, Europe, and America used more internet than any other regions in the world.Asia had 114.3 million internet users.

6. Patience: It seems a little funny because at that time people wait for hours in order to download something but nowadays we can’t even tolerate 2 minutes.Most of the people download things in the background so that when they come home they can get their file.

7. Different Search Engines: Nowadays almost every single person in the world knows about google and bing but at that time, people usually used different search engines for various topics.The search engine thing was not permanently fixed at that time.There were some popular search engines although Google was there it wasn’t that much popular at that time.Some of these search engines are:

•Alta Vista
•Msn Search
•All the web
•Ask Jeeves ( now known as ask)

8. Floppy Instead Of Pen Drive Or Google Drive: People used floppy at that time in order to keep their homework and crucial things safe and alive.So, this was the actual gold mine for them.Nowadays people aren’t worried about their things because they usually save their files in google drive.

9. Y2k Bug: Basically, people were worried that when we just enter in the year 2000, our computers would go crazy and our society may crumble with coding errors.The most amazing part was no major problem was occurred but the only problem that occurred was for teenagers because their parents wouldn’t allow their children to use computers

10. Changing AIM Screen Name: This was considered as the reborn because people change their AIM username easily when they want and this change let them know you if someone had blocked you and hiding from you.

Unprecedented Legal Cases That Completely Changed Some Laws

The major role of the law is to safeguard social cohesion, and to ensure people live together in peace and harmony. In reality, social cohesion will be in effect when people become familiar with and acknowledge the authority and right of the law. There are various economic, social, political and cultural changes that led to change or formation of laws. However, there are unprecedented legal cases that completely changed some laws.

1. Lee Johnson Case (1989):

After Gregory Lee Johnson destroyed an American flag by fire in a protest, a Supreme Court negated the decision that condemned Gregory Lee Johnson of violating a venerated object. The court pronounced that there was no penalty on Lee Johnson since he was protected by freedom of speech in the first amendment bill.

2. Gibbons and Ogden Dispute over New York Waters (1824):

After federal government was given additional power, Aaron Ogden was exclusively permitted by New York State to sail across the waters from New York to some New Jersey ports. When Ogden registered a complaint against Gibbons for navigating steamships in his waters, the ruling from the Supreme Court rejected Ogden’s appeal.

3. Marbury and Madison Clash over Judicial Appointment (1803):

When James Madison who served as US Secretary of State in early 19th Century made an attempt to stop the Federal partisans from being given judicial positions, William Marbury who was an appointee of John Adams, the former president of United States sued him. The court decided that nobody had an authority to enforce the appointment of Judicial Personnel regardless of their position. The case led to the establishment of Judicial and Executive boundaries.

4. Obama care act (2012):

The Supreme Court endorsed most of the Obama administration’s affordable health care law in 2012. The ruling ascertained how American citizens will receive affordable health care.

5. President Nixon and Watergate Scandal (1974):

When Richard Nixon requested for an executive concession over taped conversation concerning the Watergate scandal, the ruling delivered a verdict that he had to hand in the tapes. Furthermore, the Supreme Court set a precedent reducing the power of head of states in United States.

6. Roe’s Appeal against Abortion Act (1973):

Jane Roe sued Henry Wade who was the District Attorney in Dallas County over an act that illegalized abortion unless during misfortunes on the mother’s health or when her life is in danger. As a result, the court come to an agreement with Roe’s appeal and amended all laws that illegalized abortion in the first three months.

7. Miranda Rights against Self-incrimination (1966):

Ernesto Miranda admitted to an offense without being informed on his right against self-accusation. His attorney maintained that the concession should have been prohibited, and the ruling concurred with the attorney’s assertion. This led to the establishment of “Miranda rights” which has been in effect up to date.

8. Perry case on Same-sex Marriage (2013):

The Supreme Court rejected the California’s Proposition appeal on prohibiting same-sex marriage. This ruling completely legalized same-sex marriage in California and allowed it to resume. However, it changed the legal policies of other states in America banning same-sex marriage.

9. Fred Korematsu Case (1944):

After claiming to be a Mexican-American during Second World War, Fred Korematsu was arrested after the police realized that he was a Japanese- American who tried to avoid an incarceration camp during Second World War. However, he was later released because individual rights were not given much priority like the need to safeguard the country during world war.

How is the organic vs non-organic food war shaping up today?

Today we can choose between a lot of sorts of food what can be either organic or nonorganic. Those two industries after is proved benefits of organic food and side effects of nonorganic are constantly in the ‘war’. Because of bigger yields of non-organic food, this kind is higher widespread and available than organic. Organic food has a lot less resistance to weather conditions and other possible unsuitable conditions for breeding and that is why it gives fewer yields, and its price is higher. That is the only reason why non-organic food still stays high on markets, it is hard to produce enough organic food with competitive price to un-organic food.

Benefits of organic food

Benefits of organic food are high. It is much healthier and natural choice than another sort of food, and that is a better choice for our bodies. Without harmful additives, this food gives you best what nature can offer. It is also a lot richer with nutrients and vitamins than non-organic food. In nonorganic food, many nutrients and vitamins are destroyed with treating agents, so that kind of food has a really poor quality and a lot fewer benefits for human body. Even it is the truth that non-organic food actually look nicer, because of selective production, the real truth is that nicer, in this case, is not really healthy. Because of that look, many people were convinced before „Green Revolution” is start that nonorganic food is better. After World War 2 people become more aware of side effects of artificial fertilizers, and that is why it is discovered how much is bio-food better for us.

Organic farming is also a lot better for a ground because it is not toxic and it not destroying useful substances from the ground. There are no toxins in producing, so that is why the ground is not poisoned. From that type of ground grows much healthier products, even because production is not selective, those products don’t look so attractive.

Pros and cons of organic production:

Benefits of growing organic food in short lines are:

-Better product

-Better nutrition and vitamin value

-No toxins what can damage your health

-There is no damage to a ground

Cons of organic production are:

-Smaller cultivation

-Higher price of production

-Higher price of products

-Non-selective cultivation can’t guarantee more attractive look

Why non-organic production is worst choice for human health?

Nonorganic production is the result of higher needs for food in the world. That is why people needed to do anything to increase cultivation to get more products on smaller price. They accomplish that with selective cultivation and with adding many toxins and other chemicals what will guarantee them higher resistance. But this way of production, adding toxins and using fertilizers result with less nutrition and vitamin level in product and also its result with partially toxic food with many possible side effects for the human body.

Pros and cons of non-organic production:

Benefits of non-organic productions are:

-Higher cultivation

-Cheaper productions

-Lot more products on the same size places

-Cheaper products

-Selective cultivations guarantee a more attractive look of the product

Cons of non-organic production:

-Less nutritive and vitamin value of food

-Toxins in products

-Lot of possible side effects and allergies

-Soil pollution

-It is not healthy for body

Even people realized all benefits of organic food for a human body, the war between this two sides is not over, and probably it will not be for a long time. Main reasons for this are that organic production can’t produce enough products to satisfy the market needs, and it also can’t reach competitive price on the market, and a price is still really important for many people. That are main reasons why un-organic production still has better results on markets. Even people recognize the value of organic food, facts that is still much more expensive and that production can’t full fill needs of market making this battle of opponents with equal chance to win.

How companies are using innovative AI/Robotics to move forward

AI has become a must-have for any company looking to make progress in this age of technology. Almost any interaction with a company today involves the use of AI, and as time goes by, AI is going to take over most functions currently being run by human beings. What are these ways that companies are using AI in conducting their operations? Let us take a look:

Customer Service

Any call placed to a service provider is received by an automated machine which then proceeds to record the customer’s issue. Normally, the machine is programmed with different responses which the caller can select by pressing numbers on the phone. One advantage of this is that many customers can be served simultaneously by one machine, unlike a human customer representative who can only attend to one customer at a time.


Many banks have slowly started phasing out human tellers in their branches, and replacing them with computerized teller machines. Already, automated teller machines (ATMs) have eliminated the need to visit a bank to withdraw money. Banks have gone further and introduced self-service teller machines where customers can make deposits and get a receipt on a machine in less than 5 minutes. With this, customers need not worry about long queues at the bank when they need to make deposits. All they need is to place money on a machine and key in their details.

Customer Research

Companies have adopted robotics to establish the best goods and services to present to their customers. In order to do this, they use data trails left behind after customers use credit cards to make purchases. By using AI to track different demographics of customers, companies can accurately determine and predict the spending habits of each customer. In this way, AI can also be used to identify the best direction that a company should take by showing the goods and services that are not popular with customers.


AI has been a key tool in identifying the most effective form of marketing of goods and services. By studying the browsing habits of individuals, companies can tailor-make advertisements meant for different audiences. If an individual frequents sites dealing with cars, machines and bikes, AI can point out that this individual would be a good prospect for car sellers. This use of AI saves money and time by streamlining ads and only sending them to relevant parties.


Airlines use AI to screen passengers and maintain smooth operations at points of entry and departure in airports. A visit to a departure gate reveals AI in action; a computerized screen can read facial features using facial recognition software and relay the results to a database which brings up the person’s entire bio profile. This smart screening not only saves time but ensures minimal room for error that would occur if the screening were done by actual humans.

The reach of AI/robotics cannot be pushed aside. Everyday, companies are looking for more ways to digitize their operations and reduce their workforce while maintaining efficiency. One advantage of AI is that it is not prone to circumstances that affect normal humans- it can work day and night.

8 Apps That Could Make You Smarter

Using mobile applications as a part of improving your brain power is the newest thing in the technology world. Everyone carries smartphones now, and they can be used as great tools in the working world. They can do just about anything with the variety of applications available for you. Outlined below are some of the available apps that can make you smarter by engaging your brain effectively.

Casual app

Casual enables you to handle undertakings and ventures in a modern way: the application is incredibly visual. You arrange your undertakings just by drawing them as a flowchart. It is a remarkable application that pictures conditions between errands. You don’t need to tap on tabs to get some answers concerning certain projects, for example, who is doing which errands. You can attempt this application for free to to experience it yourself.


Can any anyone explain why great nourishment looks so terrible and junk sustenance looks so great? With this free application, you can locate the great nourishment that tastes great, to ensure healthy eating. Scan for information about food nutrition, and discover which sustenances are the best for you, the best purchases, and obviously, the most pleasant.

Atlas by collins

This amazing app gives you a chance to travel all around the globe, with just a single click. And also seeing new places, you can likewise find extraordinary data about the world’s most essential spots and antiques. Find out about the world utilizing nine globes, an assortment of maps, and other fun apparatuses.

Circles Memory Game

Your memory influences your capacity to rapidly and effectively recover and apply stored data in circumstances when you have to tackle an issue – and your capacity to take care of issues is regularly characterized as knowledge. Consequently, memory and knowledge are practically similar to two sides of a similar coin. The circle memory game enables you to enhance your memory, as well as be supportive to Alzheimer’s research

Fit Brains Trainer

Fact reveals that web based training is a viable approach to build a psychological hold and increment brain execution. Fit Brains Trainer is free, and you can expand your fleeting memory by as much as 40% in under three weeks. Hold up… what were we simply discussing? Clearly, we require this app!

Brain Workshop

If you resemble a few of us who still don’t have cell phones, don’t give up. There are applications for us as well. Brain Workshop is a free desktop application that you can use to enhance your mental aptitude, and no phones are needed.For those with an Android phone, you can also access the app in google play.


Get turned into a brilliant high-roller: get the greater part of the product and web applications for your business and your life. This free application index permits you to get the best deals when it comes to the softwares and the application you may require. You will likewise discover the Cloudscore on On Cloudswave, a rating in light of painstakingly chosen Reviews processed to help you catch the essence of basic sentiment in a solitary number.


Reading is a method for speculation with someone else’s brain; it compels you to extend your own. However, you may think you don’t have room schedule-wise to read. Do you go to work by train? Do you have breaks? Thats enough time for you to read. There is no reason when you have the free iBooks application.

The Mind mobile: Your iPhone and Car is Always within Reach

The Mind Mobile Bluetooth and GPS technology gadget is a new revolution that is going to do extra work for you when you misplace your mobile phone or forget where you park the car. There is nothing as terrible as finding things which are dead silent. Many people regularly lose their phones while at the office or home. When such situation occurs, the struggle to get the device is time-consuming and robs you your productive time which you can use in doing something that adds value to your life and not struggling to look for something that is never going to talk to you when you lose track of it.

The mind Mobile 3-in-1 Bluetooth car Charger is a world-class gadget that is going to make 2017 even better without having to struggle to search and boggling your mind where you might have parked the car. This device works in an easy way. Once purchased, you will need to download the Mind Mobile app from the App store and then add both your phone and the car as a paired device following the easy to understand manual user guide.

In the event you misplace your phone, the device will activate an alarm that will guide you to recover your phone. This is hustle free gadget just make your search from a typical daunting experience associated with looking for dump things to interactive and stress-free experience. Unlike the mobile phone locator, the car locator works differently though lead to the same results.

The Mind Mobile Bluetooth and GPS enabled device while parking your car take note of the date and stamping at the parking bay. Turning your car engine off marks the onset of continuous monitoring of your parked car. You can go anywhere and complete your daily errands without having to keep thinking of where you packed our car. Once you need your car and you might not have a clear recollection of where you might have packed it, the mind mobile car locator will guide you on your phone screen using a blue point to indicate the exact parking location. The App will lead you through the search giving you precise locations and directions to take regardless of where you are until you turn on the engine signifying you have found the car.

This gadget takes cognizant to the fact that human beings live a life fully-packed with challenges and finding your phone and where you parked the car should not be part of the problems. It also takes into account that slight memory lapse is a common nature of human beings living a busy life in trying to live a satisfying life. The device, therefore, as it name depicts acts as an extra memory and lead individual searches when it comes to finding that phone or locating your car park. Additionally, it very power efficient while charging your phone, drawing the minimal charge to keep your phone powered. The gadget once purchased attracts no costs which make it one of the best technology gadget designed to make life more fulfilling through eliminating unnecessary life stresses associated with losing track of your phone or your car.

5 Elegant and Interesting Smartphone Hacks


Whether you’re glued to your iPhone, reliant upon your Android or curious as to how you even got through life without your tablet; you’ll agree that tech has taken over everything. OK, so perhaps we’re not quite living in a world overrun by cyborgs, but technology has indeed changed the way we live.

Communication is faster than ever, and it has never been easier to find someone or something that we might be looking for. The mobile market enables us to stay connected on the go, shop while commuting and discovers a vital piece of info in a matter of minutes.

Tips, tricks, and hacks are a geek’s paradise, and I’d count myself as one of those; smartphones do a great deal but being able to manipulate them into doing just want pure nerdvana. There are of course an endless amount of these tricks and hacks on the market, so I’ve picked my favorites.

Water protection

Water is responsible for countless smartphone deaths every year. From letting it dry and only keeping your fingers crossed to sticking it in a bag of rice, there’s never really been a foolproof way to recover. However, thankfully there is now a preventative method you can take!

A US company Liquipel have developed a special coating that can make any smartphone waterproof. Practical and an absolute genius for those who fear to drop their phone down the toilet.

Unfortunately, it’s not yet available outside of the US, but this is surely something that every smartphone owner will favor.


Anyone with an iPhone will know that customization is far from easy. Unlike Android, there isn’t a hack, but there are some iphone apps that can help you change everything from the color to icon style and layout and even your keyboard.

There are some apps to choose from including the infamous Pimp my Screen to Style my Screen; whatever tickles your fancy, you’ll easily find it.

Catch a Thief

As always with updated iOS software comes jailbreak apps and my personal favorite is I Caught U Pro. Now we all know how to Find My Phone works and often think it’s the best thing ever, particularly if your phone has been stolen.

The thief may find it difficult to get into your phone, but they can switch it off which makes Find My Phone virtually useless, but that’s where I Caught U Pro comes in. Whenever someone tries to access your phone, your device will take two photos and send it to your emails. Perfect if you want to catch a thief or if you’re wondering if somebody has been spying on you. You’ll need to turn off your fingerprint lock and enable guided access but once set up; it works like a charm


For Android users, one of the annoying things about Google Play is that apps automatically update. In hindsight this makes perfect sense; to ensure you have the best software and as a user, are protected. However, when you’re out and about, the last thing you’ll want is to have your data eaten away unwillingly.

This is easily fixed; simply log into Google Play and in the settings either select to be notified of updates or just ensure that updates are restricted to wifi. This way, you’ll never have to worry about disappearing data again.

Screen Shots

For whatever reason, screenshots have quite simply become a way of life. Easily done on iPhone’s and just as easily done on Android too. Simply hold down the power and volume down button a capture away.

The above are just a few of the tips and tricks you can use to get better control of your smartphone. The list, however, is endless, there really is so much that can be done, whether you’re team iPhone or Android.

Useful Photography Tricks to Try with Your Mobile Phone or Apps

mobile apps

Anybody can pick up a mobile phone and take a photo. However, you need photography tips and tricks to capture great photos with your mobile phone. This article highlights useful photography tricks that will enable you to take great photos with your mobile phone.

Take extra seconds

Mobile phones provide a chance to take photos really fast. However, if you rush when taking photos with your mobile phone your pictures will be of low quality. Therefore, take extra seconds to ensure good composition of your photo. This includes improving the angle or lighting and figuring out where the viewer will be interested in. Taking an extra second to apply the basic principles of composition will improve the quality of your photos dramatically.

Wipe the lens

Mobile phones spend a lot of time in the bags, hands or pockets. This makes them really dirty due to grease, dust, dirt and fingerprints. If you don’t wipe the lens before you take a photo with your phone, this grease, dust, dirt and fingerprints will have a significant effect on its quality. Dirt blocks light from getting into the camera sensor. It also leaves dust spots, blurs or smudges on the photo. A clean lens enables you to take a clear, sharp image with your phone. Therefore, wipe the lens with a soft cloth before you take a picture with your mobile phone.

Adjust the camera settings

You need to know the settings of your mobile phone camera. Ideally, you should take control of exposure, focus, ISO and white balance when taking pictures with your mobile phone. It is important to note that some mobile phone cameras lock focus and exposure together. This means you can change photo lighting depending on your focus. In terms of white balance, you have four settings. Match them on the basis of your shooting environment to ensure better lighting for the photos.

Use Mobile Apps

There are many cool mobile apps today to edit your photos, add more, make then fun, and also to make your shots better for the type of shot you are looking to take. Kurtis Hon of Photo Booth Rental San Francisco stated he loves some of the photo booth apps and it always gives him ideas to add more onto his own photo booth rental service.

Set a high resolution

Your mobile phone photos will be of a better quality when you set a high resolution. Instead of zooming, try to move closer to the subject. Basically, cropped photos have better resolution that zoomed in photos. Of course, high resolution requires large storage for mobile phone photos. That’s where cloud storage and photo sharing apps and services like Dropbox and Picasa come in. You can also get an SD card so that you can transfer photos through the internet with ease.

Keep the phone steady when taking photos

This is particularly important any time you take photos with your camera at night or in low light. In these conditions, the camera of your phone uses a slow shutter speed so that light can have time to hit the camera sensor. In that case, any camera movement results in blurred images. Therefore, place the phone on a solid surface, use a tripod or hold it with two hands to ensure that it remains steady.

Employ the rule of thirds

This entails dividing up the image mentally using two vertical lines and two horizon lines and positioning important scene elements along these lines or at their meeting points. The rule of thirds is based on the idea that an off-center composition creates a better shot.

Taking a quick snapshot using a mobile phone might be easy. However, following these tricks gives you full control of your mobile phone camera so that you can take a truly amazing photo.